Bild: Lisa Laskaridis/Schwedens ständige Vertretung bei den Vereinten Nationen

03.10.2018 – Ihre Majestät Königin Silvia von Schweden ging in ihrer Rede bei der UN Veranstaltung „Ouf ot the Shadows: Shining Light on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: Launch of an Economist Intelligence Unit Benchmarking Index“ neben den vielfältigen internationalen Bemühungen der World Childhood Foundation gegen sexuellen Kindesmissbrauch auch noch einmal auf die Eröffnung des Childhood-Haus in Leipzig ein:

It has been a very busy but inspiring week for me. Last Thursday, together with Childhood Germany, I inaugurated the first Childhood-Haus in Germany, in Leipzig. Barnahus or Child Advocacy Centers – as they are called in the US – are places where children who are victims of abuse, neglect or violence receive psychological, medical and social services helping to uncover often horrific stories of abuse, disclose potential abuse, stop the perpetrator, and start the healing process. Instead of giving numerous testimonials at a police station, in a pediatrician’s office, or during a meeting with social workers, at a Barnahus, the child is interviewed only once by a trained professional, in a safe environment, where all experts work as one team, minimizing the risk of any additional psychological trauma. Childhood helped to start the Barnahus model in Sweden, and I am so pleased to see this model now being implemented in Germany, Poland and Brazil.“

Die ganze Rede (Englisch) finden Sie hier.
(Bezugnahme auf das Childhood-Haus ab Minute 14.)